Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday Treasures: Seating

It's a great day for sharing Tuesday Treasures! Today's feature is seating.

Design Tip 1:
Most people think of placing chairs, couches, settees, etc. in their usual places... a living room arrangement (usually a couch and a loveseat or chairs accompanying them), a dining room, or a desk. Seating can occur anywhere, though. Try putting a small chair in an unused corner of a space -- like an entry way -- so that it's readily available when guests arrive. Have a window but no window seat? Create your own using a bench or settee for those rainy afternoons when you want to curl up with a book. Bottom line: seating can be wherever you decide it should be, and can make any space feel more inviting.

Design Tip 2:
Mix old and new! Just because a piece is ornate and your space might be modern does not mean it will look stuffy. Mixing detailed, curvy pieces with straight lines and neutral colors can give that antique an updated feel. It will also make the piece stand out more.

Design Tip 3:
Speaking of color, don't be afraid to make a statement with fun fabrics! We've got a great selection of pieces that can change a drab room to something fab.

Here are some of our beautiful seating options right now...

Come by and see us and our many seating options!

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